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ShareFlight Membership

Becoming part of the Valdecott ShareFlight program is advantageous and beneficial in multiple ways. Remain current on your aircraft whilst saving thousands in annual flight expenses. Expand your network within the Valdecott group by meeting new, like-minded people and other organizations who share your passion in aviation.

Free Flying Hours

Pay nothing as you collect your flight hours.

Your passengers will cover the full cost of the flights.

Flight Operations Support

Receive flight operations assistance and advisory around the clock wherever you are within western Europe.

Passionate Aviation Community

Become part of the Valdecott Aviation community; a network full of passionate and motivated individuals.

Modern Infrastructure

Take advantage of the convenience made possible by our modern flight reservation and management platform.

Save Thousands of Francs

Save thousands of francs in annual flight costs when you become part of the Valdecott ShareFlight program.

Last-Minute Cancellation Cover

We will take care of your passengers. Penalties will be waivered, should you be unable to operate your flight.

Schedule Flexibility

Your flights, your terms. Determine your own schedule and how frequently you wish to be available for bookings.

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Join ShareFlight Today

ShareFlight Requirements

100 Total Flight Hours

Be in possession of at least 100 flight hours,

accumulated within a time frame of 2 years at most.

Fluent In English

You have mastered the English language and can communicate and express yourself clearly with ease.

Passionate About Aviation

You are undoubtedly passionate about aviation and

understand the technicalities of it all.

Clean Safety Record

Be in possession of a clean aviation safety record throughout your flight training and career in aviation.

Exact In Every Manner

You display a high degree of precision in all aspects, including decision making and flying.

Team Player

You are an excellent and independent operator,

but equally so in situations that include others.

ShareFlight Screening

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Your personal background as well as interest in participating in the ShareFlight program will be discussed.


We will assess your ability to safely and competently operate an aircraft to determine your level of skill.


Should the outcome be satisfactory to our standards, you will receive an acceptance confirmation into ShareFlight.

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