Terms & Conditions

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governing your interaction with Valdecott Aviations and our systems

Are you a Manufacturer or a Dealer?

we are an authorized dealer of Eagle Carports and others manufacturers that offers best metal buildings products.

What is a Gauge? Why are they important?

Gauge is a standard measuring unit which defines thickness of a metal sheet or steel sheet. We have frames availablein either12- gauge or 14- gauge galvanized steel.

Does my site needs to be level?

Proper installation requires the site to be level.

Can i make additions to the building after its already been installed?

There will be a service charge and return trip fee.

Do i need a permit?

You may depending on your state regulation local zoning laws or rural location. Customers are responsible for permits

Before installing the Building Do i need to take certain steps?

Yes, you must ensure that the installation site is flat and leveled in order to complete the installation in given timeframe. Some areas require building permits before installing a metal carport or any other metal building. Please get in touch with your local community authorities to find out if permits are required in your area.

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