Privacy Policy

Valdecott Aviation respects the privacy of its clients and handles client data

with utmost care and due levels of discretion and restriction

General Privacy Policy

Valdecott Aviation treats its clients' information strictly confidential and does not forward any information relating to any of our clients. Internally, we operate on a "need to know" basis; a very strict handling manner of information whereby only those who have the necessity to have access to certain information will have such access. Simply put, only your personal Valdecott Aviation Entourage or Agent, the assigned Flight Crew as well as the Flight Operations Coordinator responsible for your flight's planning will have access to your information. However, client particulars and all relevant documents and bookings may be released to authorities, if Valdecott Aviation deems it appropriately justified or necessary and lawful to do so.

For further information pertaining to our Privacy Policy

including those not highlighted on this page, please contact us.