Contract of Carriage

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Passenger Conduct

Valdecott Aviation reserves the right to deny boarding to, or remove, persons who behave in a manner which compromises the safety of the flight and the wellbeing of other passengers, disrupts flight crew members and procedures, causes intentional damage to the aircraft and property onboard. Failure to comply with instructions from Valdecott Aviation crew members, international aviation regulations governing the consumption of alcohol and drugs onboard flights as well as smoking, may result in a denial of boarding or removal from the flight without compensation. Smoking is strictly prohibited onboard all our Private Aviation flights.

Electronic Devices In Flight

Unless otherwise specified by the flight crew, the use of electronic devices is allowed onboard all our flights. Devices which were created with the sole purpose of disrupting operations of electronics and related systems such as radio frequency jammers are strictly prohibited onboard all our flights.

Flight Cancellation

In the event of a flight cancellation due to adverse or inclement weather conditions, delays longer than 90 minutes on our part or any delay which will result in the client missing out on an important appointment or connecting flight, Valdecott Aviation will annul the transport contract and refund the unused portion of the ticket and unused fees from the original payment. Should the client wish to reschedule the flight instead of receiving a refund, the flight will be rearranged accordingly without any additional charges. At Valdecott Aviation's discretion and if acceptable to the passenger, Valdecott Aviation may arrange for alternative aerial or ground-based transport means.

Reservation Cancellation

Valdecott Aviation reserves the right to cancel reservations if deemed necessary to comply with any government regulations or advisories. In the event of a reservation cancellation due to weather or occurrences beyond our control such as natural calamities, questionable aircraft airworthiness, wars, sudden unavailability of the assigned flight crew, Valdecott Aviation, at its sole discretion, shall provide alternative solutions to the clients. Valdecott Aviation reserves the right to cancel reservations which seem fraudulent, fictitious, illogical or impossible, without informing the client beforehand. Reservations failed to be paid for will be cancelled as soon as the aforemention payment time frame elapses.

The Contract of Carriage

The Contract of Carriage outlines the obligations of Valdecott Aviation and its clients when conducting air transport business or private arrangements. Valdecott Aviation reserves the right to amend its Contract of Carriage without prior notice. Amendments and appendices are immediately effective upon being published. The Contract of Carriage comes into governing force upon successful confirmation of the flight (i.e. successfully paid for, itinerary confirmed by Valdecott Aviation).

Denial Of Boarding Due To Medical Illness

Valdecott Aviation reserves the right to deny boarding to passengers who are visibly unfit for flight and/or endanger the wellbeing and safety of other passengers and crew members. Persons with contagious diseases and illnesses may be denied boarding, depending on the severity.

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