Fly With Switzerland's Future Airline Pilots

Seize the opportunity to fly to any destination of your choice for as low as a fraction of a Swiss train ticket by joining airline cadet pilots' experience building flights.

"Is it safe?"

Airline Cadet Pilots are intelligent individuals by nature; having successfully passed highly competitive and rigorous airline pilot selection, psychometric assessments as well as tests by psychologists.


These pilots are the best that the airlines can recruit, having demonstrated and objectively proven psychological resilience, intelligence, situational awareness and stress resistance.

Rest assured; you have a proven, competent pilot in command.

Although Airline Cadet Pilots are in training to ultimately posses the Airline Transport Pilot License, they are, at the time of experience building for the Commercial Pilot License, only in possession of a Private Pilot License.


As such, they are legally unable to conduct flights with remuneration. Hence, the pilot in command may not earn profits from the flight and the cost of the flight is shared accordingly.

"Is it legal?"

"The costs?"

After much extensive analysis, flying privately can significantly reduce time wasted in transit by up to 85% and lower costs by up to 30% compared to inter-state train travel.

Compared to taking an inter-city ground taxi service, travel time is likewise drastically reduced and costs are lowered by up to 80%.