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Flying privately does not have to be expensive.
We are here to share our passion for flight.

The Perks of ShareFlight

Non-Profit Flights

Unlike commercial operators with very high margins, ShareFlight pilots will fly you on a non-profit basis.

Personalized Experience

No flight is ever the same. Your flight, although generally predefined, will be adjusted to your needs and wishes.

Transparent Pricing

There are no hidden fees and the cost calculation basis are fully visible. All you pay is the operating cost of the flight.

Save Hundreds of Francs

Save hundreds of francs when you book non-profit flights offered through the Valdecott ShareFlight program.

Passionate Aviation Community

Fly with the Valdecott Aviation network; a community full of passionate pilots and aviation enthusiasts.

Modern Infrastructure

Take advantage of the convenience made possible by our modern flight reservation and management platform.

What our passengers say

Lakeside Cities Scenic Flight

There's freedom and flexibility to make the flight "what you want"; being able to set your own route and decide on the plan while in the air is fantastic.
I enjoyed being kept in the loop on what was happening with the aircraft and having various things explained and demonstrated along the way. Being able to fly a bit too was amazing!
The whole experience felt very personal, as opposed to just being a standard flight that's repeated for every passenger.
- Daniel M.
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