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Scenic Flight

Witness the beauty of Switzerland from above

Whether you are an aviation enthusiast, a tourist visiting Switzerland or a local resident looking to discover more of the country, a short scenic flight is sure to be a memorable experience.


Embark on a sight-seeing journey in the skies of Switzerland and be amazed by the picturesque Swiss landscape, historical cities and noble mountain ranges.

A flight that tourists visiting Switzerland should definitely not miss.


Scenic flights are generally possible in all four seasons, time and date provided the weather conditions are suitable for flight.

Image by Stephen Leonardi


There are several factors that determine the overall costs such as the desired duration of the flight, type of aircraft to be utilized, number of passengers as well as other supplementary services.


Certain military installations are subject to aerial photography prohibitions. Depending on airspace restrictions or prohibitions, not every city may be flown over. Nevertheless, we will do our best to fly your preferred routes.

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